Five piece package

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The Untouchables, your premier five-piece covers band that is dedicated to making your special events, be it weddings or corporate gatherings, absolutely unforgettable. With our unique lineup that includes additional keyboards and vocals, we bring an extra layer of magic and versatility to our performances. Our band is well-versed in a wide variety of music styles, catering to diverse audiences and ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time on the dance floor. Led by the charismatic and talented Brian Giffen, our energetic stage presence and crowd engagement create an electric atmosphere that will have your guests dancing and singing along all night long. Whether you’re looking for romantic melodies for your wedding or a mix of chart-topping hits for your corporate event, The Untouchables deliver top-notch entertainment that will leave a lasting impression. Book us for your upcoming event, and let us elevate your celebrations with our unbeatable musical experience.

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