Party at the Port

August 1, 2023

9:30 pm

16C Eglinton St, Portrush BT56 8DX

Station Bar (4 piece line up)

Get ready for an electrifying night of live music at The Station Bar in Portrush, a beautiful holiday town nestled along the scenic NW coast of Northern Ireland. Our four-piece lineup is set to take the stage, delivering an unforgettable performance that will have you grooving to the rhythm all night long. Led by our captivating frontman Brian Giffen, the band is a dynamic mix of talent including female backing vocalist Jamie, and will bring a diverse repertoire of music styles to suit every taste. From classic rock anthems to contemporary hits, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy in the heart of this picturesque holiday destination. Join us at The Station Bar for an evening of high-energy entertainment and let the music set the perfect backdrop for your memorable night in Portrush.